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Learn the Secrets of a 10 Million Dollar Practice
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Why do 95% of all practices just get by, 4% do well, and 1% achieve tremendous success?

Dr. Seidner has gone across the entire practice continuum from a small 2 chair, 1 employee office to 26 chairs and over 50 employees. He knows what it takes to get your office to the next level no matter where you may be in your dental practice.

Bruce Seidner has the ability to take a complex dental practice management issue, simplify it, and actually make it work. He is sharing his knowledge with you of what actually works. You can believe it wasn’t always easy. This is not just about dental marketing. There are plenty of practice pitfalls along the way. He will show you which ones to avoid.


Whether you want to grow from $50,000- $100,000/month or $300,000- $500,000/month he has the formula and is willing to share it with you.

The major difference between ordinary and success starts with you. Make that commitment to take your dental practice to the next level! Take action now and register for this course. You won’t be disappointed!

The REAL Formula

Dental Implant Courses that can Revolutionize Your Dental Practice. With the correct knowledge of case...

Seeing is Believing

This day will take years off your learning curve in practice. We will be an open book to you and your staff...

Learning Programs

You will have the opportunity to listen to one of the most successful dentists in the country motivate you...

If you want to learn how a practice can become predictable, profitable and efficient with excellent patient outcomes, I would recommend you attend his program.

The best practice management seminar I have been to in 25 years. I have a very successful office but I wish I knew these things earlier.

Dr. Seidner is truly an inspiration for me. After hearing his real life story I am fired up to integrate his ideas into my practice.

Dr. Bruce Seidner DDS, FAGD

Co-author of the best selling book The Soul of Success with Jack Canfeld, helps dentists around the country achieve their dream practice.

He has taken his knowledge of his thirty years in dentistry and teaches it across the country to dentists in a program that not only transforms their practices but also enriches their lives.

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